Playing games for free at online casinos has become what payer look out for before joining the casino. New players want to play at an online casino that offers all their game collection on free mode so that they can test them before joining to play them for real money. As opposed to the popular belief that free online keno is luck-based, you still need a bit of strategy to win, so free online keno is your best shot at this. We will be explaining the free online keno in this write-up. You can check out 1-onlinecasinocanada to know more about top online casinos.

Free Keno Games Explained.

Online keno is preferred by both new and experienced players because the game comes with easy rules and enjoyable gameplay. For beginners who are new to the game, it won't take them long to understand the game because it is straight-forward. Sharing the same gameplay as the lottery game, the goal of the game is for the player to predict the magic number that will be drawn after the game round. Any player that accurately predicts the outcome wins the game round. If you really want to understand the game, you can check out the game at any online casino.

Free online keno offers players a chance to enjoy the game for fun and for practice without committing their money. You get to learn the game strategy, rules and gameplay for free on your mobile or desktop devices. For regular players that love to compete with experienced players for real money, they can spend more time playing the free version of online keno so that they can come up with new strategies and modify existing ones. New players need to check out the game in free mode so that they can understand the gameplay before wagering real money at the online casino.

Asides the online keno sharing the same feature as the lottery, it also shares some features with another popular game of chance - Bingo. The similarity shares with the Bingo game is the array of number grid they both have where players can draw their predictions from. Besides, the same way players are expected to predict a random number at lotto games is the same way number prediction is done while playing the online keno. Although the game offers the best experience with the brick and mortar casino, the online keno offers you the opportunity to play multiple games on your mobile anywhere.

  • Free online keno shares the same game feature with Bingo and Lotto
  • Free online keno allows players to enjoy the game without risking a dime

How to Play Free Online Keno.

If you want to play free online keno, you need to understand how to go about it so that you can have the best experience while using the free service at the online casino. The first step is to locate the online casino you want to play the game. Then you can now connect to the website of the casino to load the game. To load the game, click on the "Play now" pop up that shows up on the game screen. Then the next thing is to set a bet amount you want to play with. You can either increase or reduce your bet size.

After you have set a bet size for the game round, then you can now proceed to make number selection among all the array of number grid displayed on the game screen. Some free games offer the "Quick Pick" option that allows the game to select numbers for you. After picking your preferred numbers, you can now decide on how many game rounds you want to play - you can choose to play one or more game rounds for free. Then you can now find out the number of correct predictions you've made on all your game rounds while playing the game for free.